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En god kur når vinteren står for døren - Cancam

A good cure when winter is at the door

Joakim Sumstad + Vivian Sætre

When winter comes, the air will be drier and the temperature will be colder. Hair can often feel dry and lifeless, sometimes a good hair treatment can be the solution to healthier hair.

At Cancam you can get a delicious treatment with a scalp massage in a relaxing atmosphere, and have your hair styled afterwards. Is a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one,

The salons have many different types of treatments that can suit each individual customer

Kerastase fusio dose is a more exclusive type of treatment where we can really tailor the needs of the customer and see what the customer needs. Fusio dose comes in bottles and is a spary cure, the hair will never feel heavy or greasy after a treatment.

Let us show you the process:

Vivian initially had slightly dry and frizzy hair after a long summer and autumn with temperature differences.

Joakim found a number of products he wanted to use. All from Kerastase this time.

He started by washing her hair well with Kerastase Resistance strengthening shampoo and conditioner, and also gave a good scalp massage.

After this, her whole hair was sprayed well with kerastase fusio dose, in towel-dried hair.. These are small ampoules that we use that we can adapt to your needs. This was well massaged into the hair.

Then the hair was blow-dried and lightly curled, and the change was great. Vivian's hair looked healthy and light.

Hair/Styling: Joakim Sumstad

Model: Vivian Sætre

Photo: Anne Siri S. Lorentzen

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