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Beach waves - Cancam

Beach waves

festival hair
  1. Apply GHD Root Lift Spray to prepare the hair and give hold to the hairstyle.
festival hair
  1. Twist a section of hair. Dry the hair by running the GHD air, or another good hairdryer, up and down along the twisted hair. Repeat this section by section until the hair is dry. This technique will provide natural texture and movement.
  1. Part the hair at the back, from ear to ear, and clip away all hair above the ears.
  1. Take a section of hair and let the GHD platinum styler point down and rotate the styler away from the face and let the styler slide down.
  1. Open the GHD styler straight to get to the tips for a more modern end result.
  1. Take another section of hair and repeat as the previous section, but this time rotate the tongs towards the face.
  1. Repeat steps 4 and 6 all over the hair. All the time, you have to alternate between rotating the styler towards and away from the face.
  1. Take a section of hair down towards the face and rotate the styler away from the face. Repeat on the opposite side, still rotating away from the face.
GHD detangling comb
  1. Lightly comb through the hair with a coarse-toothed comb such as the GHD detangling comb.
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