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Har du fått med deg verdensnyheten K 18? - Cancam

Have you caught the world news K 18?

THE PRODUCT EVERYONE LOVES! A ground-breaking and unique product that gives us the future in restorative hair care. Using biomimetic science, they can, for the first time in history, mimic the hair's keratin chains. K18 Mask penetrates into the core of the hair and restores damaged keratins from the inside - IN JUST 4 MINUTES! You get a lasting result that cannot be washed out and hair that feels like new.

In the short time K18 Mask has been on the market, it has already won the ELLE Future of Beauty Award, which is awarded to the most exciting innovation in beauty. In addition, we have won the R29 Beauty Awards. Furthermore, it is also nominated for this year's hair care product in the Norwegian Cosmetic Awards 2021!

As well as being unique and amazing, it's also easy to use!

1. Shampoo, rinse and drain the conditioner

2. Towel dry your hair

3. Apply K18 Mask + wait 4 minutes (do not rinse!)

4️. After 4 minutes, you can apply the desired styling products as usual

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