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NISIM - Document effect against hair loss

Hair loss in women: 3 reasons why you lose your hair.

It's not just men who lose their hair, many women also experience hair loss at a fairly young age. Healthy, full and shiny hair is for many a very important part of being a woman and there is often a lot of time and money behind the perfect weld. Therefore, it can be extra painful for women who experience hair loss.

In order to be able to treat hair loss, it is important to first find the cause of hair loss.

1. Hormonal changes

Too much male sex hormones

Many people may not be aware that women also produce male sex hormones, so-called androgens. One of these hormones, called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is often overproduced in women who experience hair loss. DHT is stored in the scalp in women and contributes to the hair follicles producing thinner and poorer hair. If this is not treated, the hairs will eventually fall out. Hormonal hair loss in women is often hereditary.

In men, DHT is more concentrated in the temple and on the top of the head, but in women, this hormone will spread more in the scalp. Therefore, women will also experience more scattered hair loss with thinner and fewer hairs distributed over the entire head.

After birth and during menopause

Many women also experience hormonal hair loss after childbirth and during menopause, but these are usually temporary conditions.

2. Improper hair care

Protect the scalp

Another reason why women lose hair can be the use of the wrong products that cause an irritated scalp and clog pores. This in turn can lead to scalp problems, hair loss and thinning hair. Women who experience hair loss may feel a greater need for styling and easily end up in a vicious circle where the situation only gets worse. Therefore, make it a golden rule not to use styling products directly on the scalp and be careful to choose the right care for your hair. In fact, the skin on the scalp is very similar to the skin on our face.

Let the hair hang freely

Women who often have tight hairstyles or use hair extensions may also experience hair loss. A constant 'pull' on the hair can cause the hair follicles to become irritated, the scalp to be sore and, in the worst case, the hair to fall out. So ladies, it might be a good idea to loosen the weld a bit and let it hang free as much as possible!

Chemical treatment and heat

Most women dye, bleach or heat treat their hair. Just remember that some of these treatments can damage the hair strands and contribute to them breaking more easily so that the hair falls out. Heavy bleaching and heat treatment are typical treatments that can damage the hair. Worn hair often feels thinner, even if the hair roots are still intact.

3. Health conditions

Slimming and nutrition

Ladies who want to avoid the risk of losing their hair need to be aware of what they are ingesting. If the body doesn't get enough nutrition, the hair follicles don't either. Dieting, illness and metabolic problems can contribute to precisely this. The result is that the hair of these women becomes thinner or, in the worst case, falls out. A good and healthy diet is always important for healthy hair, and especially for women. But remember that for ladies with hormonal hair loss, the use of dietary supplements will have little or no effect.


Many women experience hair loss due to stress. For the vast majority of people, this is temporary, but can still get worse if you are genetically prone to hair loss.

NISIM - safe and well-documented hair care

NISIM's hair products can be safely used by women against most types of hair loss. As one of the few on the market, we have a clinically documented effect on hormonal hair loss, in addition to providing the scalp with nutrients that are beneficial for healthy skin and natural healthy hair growth.

Source: Nisim.no

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