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O-Way - produkter med god samvittighet - Cancam

O-Way - products with a good conscience

O-Way may not be able to change the world, but they can make it a better place. Therefore, they choose to use plants that originate from ethically grown crops. These are produced by 486 communities in Brazil's Amazon region, by indigenous people in Australia and communities in Southeast Asia and Africa. In this way, they support the economic development of these areas while obtaining ingredients of the highest quality.

Organic Way is a series of professional hair care products inspired by a biodynamic philosophy. Respect for the planet, 100% natural cultivation of the earth and extraction of the active extracts we produce are the basis of the philosophy behind Oway hair and scalp products.

They are the first hair care range in the world to use a synergistic blend of essential oils, hydrolates and pure micronized plants from biodynamic cultivation in their hair products. The packaging is made of glass and is 100% recyclable. O-Way products are free of parabens, strong sulfates, synthetic perfume, artificial dyes, mineral oils, PPG and BG.

Which products are suitable for me?

O-Way Daily Act Frequent Use

Perfect for those who wash their hair often and want to maintain normal and healthy hair and scalp. Consists of mild shampoo, conditioner and fortified protein mist .

O-Way Moisturizing

O-way Moisturizing

For damaged and dry hair that is thirsty for moisture. Make your hair soft and rejuvenating with O-Way Moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and mask.

O-Way Smoothing

Create smooth, straight hair without annoying frizz. Tame unruly hair with shampoo, conditioner, smoothing cream and fluid from O-Way.

O-Way Color Up

Protects and seals colored hair with antioxidants. Give your color and hair complete color care with shampoo, conditioner and color protection spray from O-Way.

O-Way Volumizing

Add volume and fullness to limp and lifeless hair. Give your hair back resilience and airiness with shampoo and root lift spray from O-Way.

O-Way Silk'n Glow

Rebuild and repair damaged and over-processed hair. Strengthen each individual strand of hair with shampoo, conditioner and repairing serum from O-Way.

O-Way Curly

o-way curly

Give tension and shape to natural curls or hair with a perm. Add weightless moisture to curly hair with shampoo, mask and styling lotion

O-way also has several series adapted to other needs such as:

hair loss

greasy hair



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