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Put your hair up yourself

  1. The most important thing when styling your hair is to prep it. This means that we prepare the hair by applying the right products. For the hair to be extra easy to style, please use Matrix Total Result Shampoo and Conditioner. Then dry your hair well with a towel and apply hair mousse to the bottom and length. Blow dry your hair completely! Then apply hair powder both at the bottom and lengths. Spread the powder well and rub it into the hair. Please be generous with both foam and powder. Then you get a good hold and it becomes easier for you to get the hairstyle.
  1. Then we are ready to start with the braid itself. Divide the hair in two at the front. Twist each other and take some of the hair with you as you work your way backwards.
  1. Twist each other until you have caught all the hair and ended up right behind the ear on the opposite side. Continue twisting all the way to the tips. Fasten with elastic. To get a more edgy look, pull the braid slightly section by section. Start at the front and work your way backwards until you reach the rib. Whether you do this before or after you have set up the braid is up to you. But often this is easier to do before.

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  1. Then attach the tail of the braid under the part that is stuck in the neck area. Try to hide the tips of the hair under all the other hair. Fasten well with clamps. Feel free to cross them for better durability.

  1. Feel free to loosen the braid a little more by pulling it a little. In that case, start at the front and work your way down. Good luck!

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