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Smith & Cult - sofistikert møter edgy - Cancam

Smith & Cult - sophisticated meets edgy

Smith & Cult is different! With quality both inside and out, the gorgeous colors are irresistible.

The next evolution in beauty, Smith & Cult is an expression of our inner true thoughts and feelings. Each shade is inspired by Diary of a Beauty Junkie, a story about the heroine obsessed with beauty and her diary. The name Smith & Cult is intended to express the two sides we have in us: "Smith" is the good and calm one, while "cult" is more edgy and brave. The beautiful gold top reflects this in that one side is plain and clean and the other side is clearly dented.

Smith & Cult is an inspiring, exclusive and long-lasting nail polish that we can't get enough of. The tempting colors make us want to paint our nails in a nice shade all too often ;)

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