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Summer Must Haves! - Cancam

Summer Must Haves!

Are you ready for sun, beach and #GoodHairDays? Summer can be hard on your hair, but don't despair! Our hairdressers have selected their absolute favorite products that will keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny throughout the summer. So join us and let's take a look at these amazing products!

Shadia - Cancam Moa South

Davines has quickly become a big favorite at the salon, says Shadia. We can hardly talk about anything else! And I have to say that Davines Minu is definitely my Summer Must Have.

This is a series that protects your hair colour, preserves the shine and is very easy to use. The shampoo lathers well in the hair so that you have it for a very long time, and the conditioner provides plenty of nourishment and moisture for anyone who struggles with dry hair after color treatment.

The Minu products leave my hair so soft and shiny and I can see a big difference in my hair after I started using this range. Perfect for anyone who has recently dyed their hair but wants to continue to shine all summer!

Buy Davines Minu

Maura - Cancam Moa Nord

My Summer Must Have has to be the K18 Molecular Hair Mask explains Maura.
I started in the hairdressing profession 30 years ago and this is the first hair mask that really surprised me, I'm definitely in love! The result you get is something I have never experienced before.

One day I felt a little extra brave and bleached my hair twice in the same day. My hair was so damaged that I really knew I had to cut it off. Then I tried out the K18 Molecular Hair Mask and after 2 months my hair went back to its natural state, natural curls and all! This mask is simply magical!

I would also like to highlight the K18 Molecular Hair Oil, the latest scream of the year. It has just arrived, but in a very short time we have seen how effective it is! It is very easy to apply, gives amazing shine, strength and will be perfect for long days at the beach.

Buy K18 Molecular Repair Mask

Damira - Cancam Kremmergården

Here you have products, perfect for the wallet and for the holidays, says Damira.
It doesn't matter which product you buy, you get exactly what you want, at "almost" the same price. These products are effective, very nutritious and of good quality. And last but not least, this brand comes from Australia, which is world-renowned for creating fantastic hair care products!

With Eleven, there is no doubt that you will find something you like, but if I were to choose my Summer Must Have, it would clearly be Styling Clay. It's important to me that the products smell good and last well throughout the summer, and that's exactly what this product does!

Buy Eleven Styling Clay

Ronja - Cancam Moa Nord

This is an obvious, simple choice for me, says Ronja.
Layers are very in right now, and for the summer it goes well with an airy, nice volume. Personally, I love Maria Nila Volume Spray, it just gives you a light and airy volume without the hair feeling stiff and sticky, and you get a natural lift when you blow dry and gives an "all over volume" look.

This volume spray has a good hold and, not least, it smells so good! Spray this in your hair and blow dry it upside down and you will get maximum volume, without using too much energy. I think this will definitely be a summer favorite among many! But maybe mostly for myself :)

Buy Maria Nila Volume Spray

So there you have it, some of our favorite hair products for summer.

With these wonderful products, you can take your summer style to new heights without worrying about the condition of your hair. Whether you want to protect, moisturize or style your hair, there is a hair product combination out there that will help you achieve exactly the look you want. So add these amazing products to your summer hair routine and let your hair shine in the sun this season.

Happy summer from all of us at Cancam!

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