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Stylingtips for deg med litt kortere hår - Cancam

Styling tips for you with slightly shorter hair

Joakim Sumstad + Mariann Rørvik Ruud

Now in December, many of us have several social gatherings, where we like to dress up a bit. Then you will also look good on your hair. Here are some quick and easy tips for you.

Mariann has a very nice bob hairstyle, which can be styled in many variations with simple techniques and good products.

Joakim first distributed Volume builder mousse in Mariann's hair, before curling all the hair with a large curling iron.

The hair was then sprayed with texture builder spray for volume, and tousled well. The tousling helps to smooth out the curls and give the hair a tougher look. The bangs were put to one side and sprayed with hairspray, before finally he sprayed the whole hair to make sure the hairstyle would hold.

A simple and really nice hairstyle that is just as good for everyday life as it is for parties.

Hair and styling: Joakim Sumstad

Model: Mariann Rørvik Ruud

Photo: Anne Siri S Lorentzen

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