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The Organic Way

The Organic Way

If you believe that our wonderful planet deserves to be taken care of, and you want to make responsible purchases and reduce the burden on nature.

If you want to free yourself from chemical active ingredients and instead choose products rich in organic and biodynamic ingredients.

If you want to be seduced by sublime mixtures of nutritious, essential oils and plant proteins.

If you prefer recyclable glass to disposable packaging.

If you are looking for a brand that trades from the Fare Trade network and that develops sustainable projects.

If you are looking for quality, openness and enthusiasm, welcome to O-Way's world of organic and sustainable luxury.

Then O-Way is for you!

O-Way is the first hair care range to use ingredients from biodynamic cultivation at Ortofficina - O-Way's own biodynamic farm. This way they get active ingredients that are pure, natural and free from chemical treatments. Pure oils, resins, waxes, creams, emollients of vegetable origin, blends of phytoproteins, natural enhancers and 100% biodynamic plants.

Ortofficina is 50,000 square meters of land where all cultivation takes place according to the biodynamic method. Here, 12 different types of medicinal plants are grown, harvested and distilled. Rosemary, lemon balm, sage, thyme, mint and helichrysum. They are processed without using chemicals and solvents and thus the zero-point biodynamic ingredients in O-Way's formulas.

O-Way has hair products for all hair types and hair challenges.

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