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Tørr hodebunn? Tørt og statisk hår? - Cancam

Dry scalp? Dry and static hair?

Autumn is a beautiful time, with a wonderful play of colors and cold, clear air. We love autumn, but our hair can suddenly become completely impossible.

We may think that summer is the season that puts the most stress on our hair, but all seasons have their specific challenges for skin and hair, including autumn.

The most important change in autumn is that the air becomes colder, and therefore drier. Another challenge is greater temperature changes inside and outside. Maybe we fire inside, and the indoor climate becomes extra dry. Maybe it's freezing outside, and then the air is also dry. In one day, you can experience temperature changes of up to more than 30 degrees. This can make your skin stressed.

Common problems in autumn are dry, itchy skin and scalp, as well as dry and static hair.

In autumn, we recommend products with extra moisture. A moisturizing treatment every week works wonders. If you also struggle with a dry scalp, we can recommend Living Proof Dry Scalp Treatment .

Living proof

O-way Soothing Remedy is a biodynamic scalp product. Apply as a lotion, massage lightly into the scalp and do not rinse. Absorbs well and does not feel greasy.

o-way soothing remedy

One thing that really contributes to drying out the hair and scalp is frequent hair washing and blow-drying. We also recommend a good dry shampoo that absorbs grease and odors from the hair without you having to wash it.

O-Way Plant & Mineral Refresh : Ingenious dry shampoo in powder form. Sprinkle a little on the scalp and work the product in. Absorbs excess grease and cleans the hair. Brilliant after training or when you just want to postpone washing your hair a little.

O-Way Plant & Mineral Refresh

Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo is Living Proof's bestseller. The entire Living Proof series is built around the principle that clean hair is healthy hair, and that washing hair is one of the things that wears the hair out the most. Therefore, you want your hair to stay as clean as possible for as long as possible. This dry shampoo delivers what it promises. Super fresh hair without washing it.

Does your hair quickly become static? It is usually a sign that the hair lacks moisture. Try cure and hair oil. Replace synthetic knitwear with pure wool/natural products.

Spray the inside of your hat with some hairspray, that might help too. Our favorite is: Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray.

Living proof flex hairspray

Living Proof No Frizz Instant Defrizzer is another favorite. It's conditioner in a box; makes the hair shiny and manageable and can, for example, be used after treatment with dry shampoo. Helps against static hair.

O-way Glamshine Cloud : makes hair shiny and soft. Spray throughout the hair as a final finish. Contains active ingredients from biodynamic plant extracts.


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