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Vi elsker OLAPLEX! - Cancam

We love OLAPLEX!

Hair by Kamila

Olaplex is the revolution that allows worn, damaged hair to become healthy and strong again! An active ingredient, OLAPLEX, is designed to bind together the SS bonds in the hair. These bonds are broken down through chemical treatments.

Olaplex is a three-step treatment that starts in the salon. Part one is mixed into the color/lightening applied to the hair. Part two is applied as a treatment after the colour/lightening has been washed out. Part three is a home cure that the customer buys to take home. We at Cancam have good experience with the quality of the hair after using Olaplex. Even if you can't "feel" the difference in customers' hair, you get an impression of the good quality of the hair after Olaplex in the pictures below.

The treatment is only offered in the salon !

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