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Have fun with the project assignment

The students have just completed this year's interdisciplinary project assignment. In the assignment, students get the opportunity to use everything they have learned at school.

Here is the result from one of the groups:

We were given a project assignment by the teacher where we could choose the topic ourselves. We were divided into random groups and we had a week to plan and carry out the work. The project entailed that we had to obtain models, plan, implement and document the work. We could choose anything from the 50s/60s, various well-known films, the possibilities were huge.

We chose the theme we decided on because we wanted something that stood out from the others' choices. We chose ''snapchat filters'' as the theme.

We chose three of the filters, flame filter, rainbow filter and ice queen. The ice queen was the model we chose to focus on the most. We looked for inspiration on social media such as YouTube, Google and Instagram.

We started by planning the make-up, what we had to buy and what we already had. We received a budget from the school of NOK 500. With that money we bought glitter, effects and a lot of other equipment. The ''crown'' model has on its head we made from a tea light holder, steel wire crystals.

We took inspiration from many ice queens, from Elsa in the movie Frost to the ice queen in Narnia. We wanted it to look dramatic yet beautiful. We started by crimping all the hair until it was big and full. We brushed with a natural brush to give even more volume.

After we had crimped all the hair, we divided it into two parts, one part at the crown and the other part around. The braid starts above the right ear and followed all the way around the head like a wreath. We braided all the way to the end of the hair and secured it into the other braid with small bobby pins.

We pulled out the braid to make it bigger and finer. Next, we took the top section that was not braided and split it in half. We braided them in two herringbone braids. These braids were supposed to hold around the crown, and curl the bottom of the tealight holder. We attached the crown with bobby pins and the hair.

After the hair was done, we started decorating with branches, pine cones and lots of glitter. We used the large leaves/branches as the costume on the chest for a naked look. We cut up the small branches with cones on them and used them as decorations in our hair. We sprinkled the glitter all over the hair, also on the chest. We also bought fake snow to bring out the theme better and show that it should represent winter and cold. We used copious amounts of hairspray throughout the process to make everything sit.

We used various make-up products such as very light foundation, white mascara, blue face paint as contour, lots of highlighter, light blue eyeshadow and silver glitter. We didn't just make up the face. We used foundation all over the chest as well, and we highlighted the collarbones with the blue face paint.

We chose to wait until it got a little dark outside to get the right mood for the pictures that we took outside in the school's backyard. Here is the finished result.

Blog post written by: Sofie Eikrem and Amalie Karlsvik

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