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Hår fra 1945-2017 - Cancam

Hair from 1945-2017

This was a busy time for fashion and hairstyles, attributed to poor economic conditions due to the war. Perming was common to give women lasting curls that would instead come out during the day. There usually depends on chemical processes.

Pompadour was named after a French woman in the 18th century, who had her hair in large curls over her forehead. In 1940 it wasn't quite as beautiful, but it still involved curls high on the forehead. This was a hairstyle that was popular, which women tried to look elegant in spite of the various obstacles caused by the war. This was a hairstyle that was used in many films.

Pageboys Bob became very popular and 1940 set the foundation for this simple hairstyle, named after the hairstyle seen on servants in medieval England, it was not a complicated hairstyle at the core.


The 1950s was a decade known for experimentation with new styles and culture. Following the Second World War and the post-war austerity years, the 1950s was a time of comparative prosperity, which influenced fashion and the concept of glamour. Influential hairstylists of the period include Sydney Guilaroff, Alexandre of Paris and Raymond Bessone who took French hair fashion to Hollywood, New York and London, who popularized pickle cut, pixie cut and bouffant hairstyles.


taper cut, regular taper cut, side part and standard haircut; as well as short neck and sides.

Long pompadourCrew cut

By adding cocktail hats to short hair with waves and curls, the way Audrey Hepburn looked. Ponytails and short fringes (like Betty Side). Sleek chignons (a knot or coil of hair arranged around the back of a woman's neck). The hair was pulled flat on the head.


Betty PageAudrey Hepburn

Betty Page Audrey Hepburn

Pixie cutFrench twist

Pixie cut French twist

Short hair with waves or curls with a hat.


1960 started with the Kennedy family and ended with Woodstock, between which everything changed, there were two dominant hair ideals, which differed somewhat from each other. Young girls cut their hair short like the biggest model of the decade, Twiggy, and slightly older women bobbed their hair like Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Kennedy, whose hair could never seem to get long enough.

hair 60s


The Beehive weld was "born" in 1960, by Margaret Vinci Heldt, it was made popular by celebrities such as Dusty Springfield and Aretha Franklin.

Jacqueline Kennedy started a whole new phase in style and fashion, she was very elegant with her smooth perfect bob, she changed the entire female silhouette in the first half of the 60s.


The Beatles' mop tops took both sides of the Atlantic by storm, it was seen as rebellious, young people with this hairstyle were arrested and forced to cut their hair at the police station.

The Bewitched flip, Elisabeth Montgomery inspired a whole generation of American ladies to try the flip, a long bob that flipped out at the ends, creating a kind of bell shape.

The supremes' bobs, Diana Ross and the supremes were one of the biggest female groups of this decade. They had long, straight hair that had a great influence on young American ladies of all ethnicities.

Angela Davies was one of the first ladies to popularize the afro, in the 60s.


The boys should have long and preferably curly hair, at least down to the shoulders! They also liked the massive trønder moustache.

The girls had curled their hair in large curls or crimped their entire hair.

It was therefore popular with curly hair and big, fluffy hair. Many still used headbands, there was still a bit left over from the 60s.

Afro became an important political hairstyle in the late 60s and early 70s. Frisyra emerged as part of The BLACK Power Movement. It was more than just an important political hairstyle, it also became very trendy.

Flichs and wings: long hair with beautiful waves and with wings blown outwards from the face. It hasn't really gone out of style since it saw the light of day.

The Ape / The shag:

Short up and long down. The hairstyle framed the face and it was often cut in several layers to create a full silhouette.


Originated in the mid-70s. Everything was to be made at home and it should look like it was made at home. There was no lack of creativity, colors in the hair were also a big part, often several colors together.


Eighties hair was either high maintenance - big, sprayed, curled, permed, highlighted or easy to care for like Dianna's hair, layered cut, or freshly washed perm. During this era, mullet hair became popular.

Permanent and disheveled

Volume and lift

Romantic cut with layers

Short nape cut

Rooster comb

Hockey weld with lick

Big tousled hair

Jehri curls

Michael Jackson

The Rachel

The flipped out bob

Mini buns



Box braid

Curtained hairstyle

Butterfly buckles

Frosted tips


The hair had to be undamaged with a slight natural fall, the hairstyles here could initially be chosen freely.


The 2010s have so far been defined by hipster fashion, a revival of austerity-era time frames and alternative fashions, 1980s-inspired neon colors, since 2012, unisex early 1990s style elements influenced by grunge and skater fashions.

In the mid- and late 2000s, still popular in Europe, the United States, South America, Australia and East Asia, especially the indie pop section that heavily incorporated elements of 1970s garage rock, 1960s counterculture and contemporary alternative fashion .


Fashion on men's hairstyles changes every year. The 2010 hairstyles for men collection contained many different hairstyles. The Fall 2010 collection provided more choices for men to choose from. It included hairstyles suitable for the different hair lengths: long, medium and short hair and also hairstyles for the different hair colors. But mainly the 2010 hairstyles for men collection has focused on the short and medium hairstyles more than the long ones. Short hairstyles in 2010 for men were: buzz cut hairstyles, crew cut hairstyles and curly cut hairstyles.

Lick with undercut

Short hair with some length

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