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Hva er klassisk farge? - Cancam

What is classic color?

2015-11-18 11:54:00 written by Marthe Lorentzen

Here is a little look back at one of the first blog posts the students made:

Hello, all our wonderful readers!

Both Marius and I know that you are really wondering why we have classic hair color as the heading of this post and you will find out now.

Today at school we just learned about classic hair color and Marius and I thought it was really fun and exciting. Classic hair color is a permanent color that cannot be washed out again. What can be positive about classic hair color for many people out here in the big world is that it has the ability to cover 100% gray hair. This is because the oxidizing agent is higher and lies between 6 and 9%

What actually happens in the first phase? in the first phase, the oxidizing agent will oxidize away the natural pigments. This means that there is a clearance of subordinated.

In the next phase, the artificial pigments will be connected inside the fiber layer and give lasting results. It is very important in this context that you have chosen a shade that harmonizes with the substrate and what the customer wanted.

Since the oxidation value is so high, it may also be possible to dye the hair lighter. And it is very important that the customer understands that it is only hair that has not been colored before.

What is also common with classic color is that it is creamy and occurs in every imaginable shade. The working time of classic color is from 30-45 minutes. There are many people who believe in the myth that dyeing hair with a classic color has a degrading and destructive effect on the hair. But in the new technology and developments that have taken place in this area in recent years, it has been shown that the colors rather have a constructive effect.

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