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Hvordan ser perfekte foliestriper ut? - Cancam

What do perfect foil stripes look like?

2015-11-18 09:26:00 written by Marthe Lorentzen

Kristine, Amalie and Veronika at the Cancam school look at the advantages and disadvantages of foil strips.

When inserting foil strips, it is important to divide the hair into fragments before you start. Then we have to find out if we should dye the whole hair, or just the aftergrowth. The foil placement has a lot to say about the result. The size of the selected weave that is picked up from a pass gives different results. We have three different types of weaving; micro weaving, standard weaving and broad weaving.

- Microweaving: - gives a soft multidimensional effect.

- Standard weaving: - gives a somewhat stronger visual ending.

- A wide weaving: - gives a strong visual change.

The thickness of the selected weave determines the depth level of the fit. A deeper weaving in the passè gives colour/stripes further from the scalp. If the location is desired close to the scalp, it should not be deeper than 4mm.

The distance the foil pieces are placed from each other determines how big the color change will be. The greater the distance between the foil pieces, the less noticeable color change.

One of the advantages of foil strips is that the hair does not get tangled during the treatment, in contrast to hooded strips. With foil strips, the strips are more evenly distributed throughout the hair, and you get a more natural and smoother result. The color play that the foil strips create gives the illusion that there is more hair than there really is, so if you have thin and soft hair, this is recommended. In addition, the chemical treatment will make the hair less soft and smooth.

The disadvantages of foil striping are that it is very time-consuming, and at the same time you have to work at a high pace to get an even color result. Another disadvantage of foil striping is that it is expensive as it is so time consuming.

This is an example of good foil striping, where the foils are folded fine, with clean edges.

This is an example of bad foil striping, where the foil is curled up and oxygen does not get in. The result is not as good when the foil striping is not wrapped properly.

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