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Life at Cancam school

Do you want to become a hairdresser, why choose us? Going to the Cancam school is educational, inspiring, creative and fun. Here you get an insight into how a.....

Going to the Cancam school is educational, inspiring, creative and fun. Here you get an insight into how one works with customers. Here we have handsome and clever teachers who motivate us. They are patient, positive and helpful when it comes to theory and the practical part. The practical part which, among other things, is the hairdressing competition that some of us are lucky and proud to be part of.

Do you like being creative, social, creating something, working with people and working a little differently. The hairdressing profession means that we make others feel better and spread positive energy and joy. The school is suitable for everyone regardless of background or internationality, everyone can apply with us regardless of age. No two days are the same, because all customers are unique and have different needs. And this gives rise to challenges in the everyday. We see challenges as new goals and a feeling of mastery is something that is left with after each school day. Not only that, after just 5 1/2 months after school you can start working as a paid apprentice. At the end of the course, you get a unique opportunity in a salon to gain an insight into a salon and the hairdressing profession.

What we do at school. Here you can learn how to cut hair, dye and strip hair, make it permanent. How to adapt a haircut to a person's face shape, body shape and personality. we get a unique opportunity to get to know new people, customers and fellow students. how to adapt the hair color to the customer's colours. Communicate with customers. Get to learn about products and product knowledge, work with sales and social media. A lot of emphasis has been placed on social media because it advertises the salons and the hairdresser. You don't just learn about hair here at the Cancam school, here you come in cosmetics, the color of eyelashes and eyebrows. Few professions offer such great opportunities to use yourself and their abilities as a hairdresser. We hope you will choose the Cancam school :)

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