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About us

Cancam was established in 1987 by Laila and Torstein Lorentzen. Their passionate commitment to the subject has resulted in a solid company with a good reputation and a number of awards, both nationally and internationally. The salons consist of skilled and passionate hairdressers who do their utmost every day to ensure that the customers are satisfied. Without them, Cancam would not be what it is today!

Now the children, Marthe and Andreas, are also involved in the operation. In addition to the salons themselves, Cancam has its own private hairdressing school as well as an online shop.

As the first hairdressing salon in Norway, Cancam launched an online store with a focus on professional guidance. Marthe is the general manager of the online store. She is a trained hairdresser, has a Bachelor of Commerce, and has won a number of international hairdressing competitions as well as worked for major brands such as L'Oreal, Wella, Sebastian Professional and Matrix.

"I want to share my experience and knowledge with you! Not least when it comes to products that are right for you and your hair. Here at cancam.no, our skilled hairdressers, Andreas and I share inspiration, tips and tricks on how to get your dream hair also between hairdresser visits." - Martha

Andreas is the general manager at Cancam school. "My goal is to prepare the students as best as possible for working life and for them to have a good and positive experience of the industry." - Andreas.

If you have any questions about our salons, the online store or the school, just send us an email or get in touch!

Laila, Marthe, Andreas and Torstein