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Diva Session Hotpod Hair rollers, 64mm

av Diva
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Diva session Hair rollers, size Ø 64 mm, heat up in just 8 seconds.
In one set of rollers, there are four hair rollers, four metal clips and four plastic clips with which you easily attach the rollers to your hair.

Diva Session Hair Rollers must be used together with the Diva Session Hotpod. This is purchased separately.

Diva Session Hair rollers have the following properties:
Diamonds Ø64 mm
Set consists of 4 rollers, 4 metal clamps and 4 plastic clamps
You can choose between the following diameters of the rolls: 32mm, 38mm, 50mm and 64mm.
Heats up in just 8 seconds using the Diva Session Hotpod. Diva session hotpod is purchased separately.