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Ghd Air Professional Diffuser

av Ghd
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Ghd Air and Helio Professional Diffuser fits perfectly if you have movement, fall or curls in your hair. With GHD's diffuser, you get maximum movement based on what your hair has to offer. You will be surprised at how much movement you will be able to create with a diffuser.

Apply curl-enhancing products to freshly washed hair. Comb out all tangles from the hair. Squeeze the movement in the hair in a firm and calm way. Put a diffuser on your GHD Air hairdryer and place a section of hair in the diffuser. Wait for 15-30 seconds before doing it together with a new part. Repeat this until the hair is completely dry.

Ghd air Professional Diffuser has the following properties:

Perfect for highlighting falls or curls in the hair.
The diffuser directs hot air right up to the scalp, and is designed to lift the hair.
Adds structure, fullness and creates volume to the hair.
Provides even air distribution for perfect curls and waves without frizz.
The diffuser is designed exclusively for use with the ghd Air Professional hair dryer.