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GHD Curve Classic Curl Tong

av Ghd
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For hairstyles with a classic style and volume, you need the ghd curve® classic curling iron. Medium-sized 26mm cylinder and spring-loaded, ergonomic clamping grip make it easy to create uniform curls even on shorter hair. The cool tip is good to have to keep your hair in place while you curl it, and with the built-in stand you can safely put the tongs away during styling. Other practical features include the extra-long cord that makes styling more flexible, automatic switch-off after 30 minutes of non-use and universal voltage that ensures you can use the tongs anywhere in the world.

All curling irons in the ghd curve® series have the ground-breaking ultrasound technology that ensures the correct working temperature of 185 °C. The temperature is kept constant throughout the cylinder thanks to new and advanced technology that can register the hair lock and ensure the correct styling temperature at all times. The result is durable curls that form quickly and hold well, while the hair is treated gently.

-The 26 mm cylinder is designed for uniform, medium-sized curls.
-A spring-loaded clip grip holds hair in place while creating curls.
-The cool tip makes styling more comfortable.
-With the stand, you can put the pliers down on a hard surface when it is not in use.
-Patented ultra-zone technology fixes the curls using uniform heat at the right temperature.
-An advanced ceramic coating is specially designed to ensure friction-free use.
- On/off switch and press-and-hold indicator prevent accidental use during styling. Light and sound signal whether the tongs are off or on and ready for use.
- The tongs are automatically switched off if they have not been used for 30 minutes.
- Universal voltage and professional length of the cable.
-The temperature of 185 °C is optimal for styling.