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Hufs Wax 100 ml

av Hufs
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Orginal pris 240 kr
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Hufs Wax has good hold and medium shine and was developed for you who wanted full control over your hairstyle, but who also want to restyle during the day. and is made for you who want to keep your hairstyle under really tough conditions!

WAX is the all-rounder that suits most hairstyles with its hold factor of 6/10.

WAX is best suited for dry hair and it is important that it is warmed in the hands and distributed well. Feel free to only use an amount equivalent to a pea and rather add more if needed. A good tip is to start at the back of the head and work forward towards the front/fringe to ensure that the distribution is even.

All products in HUFS have been developed so that they do not feel greasy in the hair, as in Scandinavia there is a lot of thin and fine hair that quickly clumps together. All products can be used in damp hair, but are recommended in dry hair to get the best possible effect. If you use wax on damp hair, the wax will water out and become less stable. The products are easily washed out of the hair with shampoo. Remember to screw on the lid to prevent the product from drying out!

The products do not contain parabens, sulfates or MI.