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Kerastase L'Incroyable Blow Dry 125 ml

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Kerastase's Styling L'Incroyable Blow Dry; a reworkable lotion that allows you to create flexible hairstyles that you can touch and feel, and the perfect blow-dry with ease.

Enriched with innovative SRS® technology, the unique formula utilizes heat-sensitive Micro-beeswax that melts when heated to improve shape, forming a strong bond between hair fibers as it cools for a long-lasting finish without stiffness. The lotion is reactivated at 150°C and can be shaped again without applying more product for versatile styling. Elastic polymers improve flexibility and provide anti-frizz protection for up to 96 hours

Ensuring hold, as well as movement that is both sensual and lasting - that is the revolution behind Kérastase's styling range. Kérastase Couture Styling breaks with traditional styling products that can make the hair stiff, difficult to work with, and give the hair an artificial result with a heavy and sticky product feeling.