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O-Way Beauty Radiance Face Balm 175 ml

av O-Way
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O-Way Beauty radiance face balm. Softening face cream with, among other things, biodynamic walnut and organic chia. Velvety and rich texture that absorbs easily into the skin, nourishes and makes it smooth. With antioxidants that strengthen the skin barrier and preserve the elasticity of the skin.

To be mixed together with either O-way Beauty Boosters. Choose between Repluming or Regenerating.

Repluming: Rebuilding booster based on bioretinol that has a complementary effect on wrinkles and reduces signs of ageing. Restores the balance in the skin from the inside so that it stays tight. Reduces aging and gives a smooth and soft expression. Preserves the skin's elasticity.

Regenerating: Revitalizing and protective booster based on Physalis Angulata which stimulates collagen production and increases the skin's resilience. Protects the skin against external influences and strengthens its natural self-defense. Multi active ingredients that protect the skin and make it more resistant and rebuilt from the inside.

O-Way's professional products are inspired by biodynamic philosophy. Respect for the plant, 100% natural cultivation of the soil and extraction of the active extracts they produce on their own biodynamic farm - Ortofficina.