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Original & Mineral C Paste 100 ml

av O&M
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Original and Mineral C-Paste provides long-lasting hold without commitment, and is loved for both short and
long hair. A light and water-soluble paste with a flexible mix of natural active ingredients.
C-Paste provides flexible hold with texture as well as a healthy shine without greasing. C-Paste has added coconut oil to give flexible hold and texture and to create an element of moisture in the hair and natural shine.

Best to
to use, when you want texture, a moving hairstyle and moisturizing shine in short and long hair.

A fantastic hair care range without chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, MIT and triclosan. Natural ingredients from Original and Minerals homeland, Australia.

Full of nourishing properties, which nourish and protect the hair.
All Original and Minerals shampoo and conditioner have built-in UV protection, which preserves the colour. A trendy product that oozes quality and well-being.