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System Professional Creative Care Instant Energy 200 ml

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System Professional Instant Energy is a nourishing dry conditioner suitable for all hair types, even the finest hair.

The result is soft and irresistibly supple hair. A wonderful fragrance from our System range with red berries and warm spices gently envelops the hair and makes finishing the hair a sensual experience.

When you want to recreate the feeling of freshly washed hair. For best results, simply add Instant Energy to your regular skincare routine. Always use on dry hair, directly after blow-drying for increased softness. It can be used several times a day to update the style. Recommended as the perfect product for the 2nd day restyle and to protect during brushing - which ensures less breakage.

System Professional's high performance products that cover a wide spectrum to repair, cleanse and energize your hair. Inspired by molecular skin care, System Professional researchers discovered that each person's hair has a unique energy profile, which we called EnergyCodeTM. Your hair is as unique as your fingerprint...
Find the right treatment to give your hair energy back.