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Kerastase Specifiqué Densifique Woman 30*6Ml

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Kerastase Densifique is for women who want to restore hair density or have a natural lack of hair mass. The hair becomes stronger and healthier. Can be used on sensitive scalps. Hypoallergenic and without parabens.

Apply daily for 3 months on the scalp in dry or towel-dried hair. Dries quickly. Can be used at any time of the year or season. For oily hair, we recommend using Densifique at night.

The Densifique range from Kerastase is the first thickening ritual with Stemoxydine®. Densifique has been developed for fine and thinning hair that lacks volume. Moisturizes and corrects lengths to restore hair's resilience and substance.

The first hair density program that awakens the sleeping hair follicles, revealing new hairs for a fuller and denser hair mass.

Contains Stemoxydine® which mimics the hair stem cells' optimal environment, enabling their interaction and awakening sleeping follicles. Complex Glycan restores thicker hair. Vitamins B3, B5 & B6 increase follicular activity. Texturizing Polymer gives an immediate full effect on the hair fiber.