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mM Collagen

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mM Kollagen® is a dietary supplement that supplies hair, skin and nails with important nutrients from within. mM Kollagen® is based on marine collagen peptides. Collagen is found naturally in the body's connective tissue, including in the hair follicle, dermis and nail root. mM Kollagen® also contains vitamins and nutrients in the form of zinc, selenium, copper and vitamin C.

Contains 30 bags of high-resolution collagen powder. Use 1-2 bags daily.


Zinc helps to maintain normal hair, skin and nails.

Selenium helps to maintain normal hair and nails.

Copper helps to maintain normal pigmentation of both hair and skin.

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation.

Zinc, selenium, copper and vitamin C also help to protect the cells against oxidative stress.

Consumer guidance


1-2 sachets daily, stirred into a drink, such as coffee, tea or water. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. It is important to have a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Food supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied diet.