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O-Way Beauty Replumping Booster 55 ml

av O-Way
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O-Way Beauty replumping booster is one of two boosters that have been developed to be mixed together with O-Way Radiance Face Balm. In this way, you can adapt the skin cream from day to day in relation to what the skin's needs are. Only a few drops of booster are needed.

O-Way Beauty replumping booster rebuilding booster based on bioretinol which has a complementary effect on wrinkles and reduces signs of ageing. Restores the balance in the skin from the inside so that it stays tight. Reduces aging and gives a smooth and soft expression. Preserves the skin's elasticity.

If you also want a booster that revitalizes and protects the skin, O-Way Beauty Regenerating Booster can be used.

O-Way's professional products are inspired by biodynamic philosophy. Respect for the plant, 100% natural cultivation of the soil and extraction of the active extracts they produce on their own biodynamic farm - Ortofficina.