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O-Way Beauty Velvet Body Fluid 50 ml

av O-Way
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O-Way Beauty velvet body fluid. Nutritious body fluid with silky smooth effect. Made up of, among other things, biodynamic walnut and organic chia. A cream that absorbs into the skin immediately to repair dry and chapped skin.

Can be mixed with booster. Choose between Tone and Lift or Slim and Shape.

Slime and shape: Reducing and reshaping concentrate for the body based on the active ingredient pink pepper. Stimulates the elimination of localized fat on the body and reduces the formation of new fat cells. The skin becomes softer and the cellulite less. Has a slimming effect. Only a few drops are needed.

Tone and Lift: Strengthening and firming concentrate based on organic green coffee. Prevents the skin from becoming lifeless and limp, adds more glow to the skin and protects the skin's youthfulness and resilience. Only a few drops are needed.

O-Way's professional products are inspired by biodynamic philosophy. Respect for the plant, 100% natural cultivation of the soil and extraction of the active extracts they produce on their own biodynamic farm - Ortofficina.