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O-Way MEN water resin 50 ml

av O-Way
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'-2 in 1 product: styling + trunk strengthening treatment
-Extremely versatile, clear, water-based pomade
-Strengthens and replenishes the hair fiber thanks to the phyto-peptides
- Softens and calms curly hair
- Controls straight hair, even when fine, preserves density and structure
-Ideal for long-lasting wet and proper looks
-Rich in emollient plant-derived ingredients, provides hydration and conditioning
-Protective effect against external agents

How to use it:
Rub between hands and apply to damp or dry hair. Form according to the desired style.

O-Way's professional products are inspired by biodynamic philosophy. Respect for the plant, 100% natural cultivation of the soil and extraction of the active extracts they produce on their own biodynamic farm - Ortofficina.