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Randco Rockaway Salt Spray 119 ml

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Randco Rockaway Salt Spray. Everyone looks good at the beach. Well, at least their hair does. The sun, sand and wind add amazing amounts of volume to hair, leaving it rough and sexy. Rockaway is the closest you’ll get to replicating that without ever stepping foot out of the concrete jungle.

GOOD FOR: Looking like your hair just spent the day at the beach. All hair types.

Cranesbill, sourced from Canada, this ingredient swells the hair shaft and volumizes the hair. Yarrow Plant Extract, from Australia, this extract maintains the integrity of hair and imparts body and fullness. Balm Mint, grown in India, this ingredient protects the hair and prevents color fading. Sage, harvested in Peru, this ingredient revitalizes and strengthens the hair. Vitamin C, this rich antioxidant protects the hair from free radical damage.